There's no lack of bright and colorful scenery in these islands, so it comes as no surprise that their Coat of Arms shares that same vibrancy. Included in the crest are the national animal, bird, fish, flag, flower, gem, mammal, motto & nickname. 

This sterling silver whimsical rendition of the Island’s Coat of Arms is rich in regal detail highlighting the sun and a flamingo carved into a shield shape utilizing a relief technique of contrasting textures and oxidation. Personalization is highly encouraged with a trip “motto” engraved or embedded on the back of the pendant.


BAHAMAS Inspired

Located in Grand Cayman's North Sound, Stingray City is a shallow sandbar visited daily by dozens of southern stingrays. It's one of the Caribbean's most popular snorkel spots and a unique group experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

A short distance from Stingray City guests can visit the island's equally famous turtle farm. 

Two local experiences are represented in this sterling silver and white sapphire creation. Our designer adds depth & dimension to a stingray shape with a turtle shell pattern. The tail is composed of graduated prong set white sapphires. Allow your experience to “live on” with a logo and date embedded on the back of this design.




The Moongate is the  architectural symbol of the country and represents good fortune & love.  Over 40 dot the landscape of Bermuda creating a recognizable design that is as unique as it is beautiful.


The roughhewn texture of the moon gate provides the perfect backdrop to house a high polished crescent moon. As the stone of the mother moon, a cabochon rainbow moonstone rests gently upon this moon bringing strong energy and abundance to the wearer’s trip and experience.

BERMUDA Inspired

The logo for the island of Aruba incorporates bright colors and playful diamond shape. A happy logo for One Happy Island.

ARUBA Inspired


Our designer uses the unique star within Aruba’s logo to encase a vibrant red enamel reflecting the “happy” spirit of the Island. The star is nestled on all four sides by matte finished sterling silver. Use those four extensions to represent joy, strength, leadership and determination as they are also emotions or traits associated with the color red.

Welcome to the island of Jamaica Mon, where the sun is always shining and the reggae  loving locals immerse visitors in their laid-back culture and capture their hearts with their fun-loving attitude and hospitality.


Within the sunburst, a peace sign is formed with either raised granulation or vibrant gems centered in the high polished sun motif. Our colorful flag-inspired 1.5 mm silk chords are the natural choice to suspend the pendant while representing the lively vibrant culture of

the Island.

JAMAICA Inspired

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